Landscape Ventures

Aerial view of the Ajajú River crossing close to a "tepuy" from the Guiana Shield at Chiribiquete National Park in the Colombian Amazon, Colombia.
Landscape Ventures
Direct action to conserve and restore forests is at the heart of Trillion Trees.

Our organisations support field programmes in over 120 countries, where our staff are working to save forests every day. 

Through the Trillion Trees partnership, we are supporting a set of flagship landscape ventures within our organisations’ overall portfolio. These landscapes highlight the diverse ways in which we can achieve success on the ground. 

These landscape ventures include examples of natural forest restoration, community forest management, and leveraging climate finance and ecotourism revenues to protect forests. They are showing that local innovations in forest conservation sustainability can inspire sectoral and global change.

See below for more information on how we are working on the ground to reach the Trillion Trees Vision, by exploring our flagship landscape ventures around the tropics: