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Forest Landscape Restoration: An investment in the planet

The climate, nature and economic security are interconnected.

Restoring forests means delivering the benefits of forests beyond just carbon: human health, the livelihoods of the people who live in and around them, and the protection of the diverse natural world forests harbour. It’s much more than just planting trees.

The Trillion Trees goal: People and nature, thriving together

We can’t save the planet without forests. They are one of the most cost-effective solutions for removal and storage of carbon. Every year, around 2.4 gigatonnes of CO2 is absorbed by forests – about a third of all fossil fuel CO2 emissions. Trillion Trees works to protect the forest we have, but we know too that bringing forests back is just as critical – and we need to do it on a huge scale before 2030.

We focus on entire landscapes. This includes planting trees, but restoring forests means addressing how land is used, and the causes of deforestation. It means putting nature at the centre of the effort, and working with local people to understand the issues and the challenges facing them. Tailoring to the local context is key. This ensures our efforts make a lasting contribution well into the future.

When you invest in forests through Trillion Trees, you are investing for the future of people, nature AND the climate.

Join us and help put more trees on the planet.

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Following global standards

Our restoration projects are designed for long-term economic, social and ecological sustainability, following the principles of Forest and Landscape Restoration (FLR).

  • Focus on landscapes
  • Maintain and enhance natural ecosystems
  • Engage stakeholders and support participatory governance
  • Tailor interventions to the local context
  • Restore multiple ecosystem functions for multiple benefits
  • Manage adaptively for long-term resilience

Plant a tree, grow it well - The ReForest Fund

Planting a tree is a positive step towards the climate action the world needs. Trillion Trees restore forests and plant trees in landscapes around the world where we have a long-term presence. At each place, we’ve built trusting relationships with local communities and work with them to develop forest restoration solutions appropriate for all. Our programmes work to restore nature’s vital ecosystems on which we and the climate depend.

The ReForest Fund is a simple way for investors to support Trillion Trees programmes to restore and grow trees within this wider restoration ambition.

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Turning pledges to action

At COP26 in Glasgow, forests and their central role in the fight for the protection of our climate, for the planet’s biodiversity and their relation to the livelihoods of millions of people, came into sharper focus than ever before.

Trillion Trees aims to restore 20 million hectares of forest by 2026 and are looking for partners interested in investing significantly in quality restoration that will last into the future.

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Have a project/location in mind?

Thinking of investing in forests and have a project or location already in mind? Check out our Guide to Investing in Forest Restoration. It helps those considering investing to evaluate the potential benefits tree planting and restoration programmes might deliver.