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Protect. Restore. End deforestation.

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Trillion Trees is a joint venture between BirdLife International, Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) and WWF.

We are committed to a world where tree cover is expanding, not shrinking. 

We focus on ending deforestation, improving forest protection, and restoring forests in critical areas for the benefit of wildlife, people and a stable climate.

Our organisations work together to 

  • Implement work on the ground to protect and restore forests, 
  • Influence global policy and private sector practices, and 
  • Inspire us all to value, protect and restore forests. 

With your help and support, we can live in a world where nature and people thrive.

The right trees, in the right places: Reversing global deforestation


A dedicated Trillion Trees team leverages the expertise of three of the world's largest conservation organisations in fighting deforestation and restoring forests

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