Forests are our greatest hope

Trillion Trees is the united force of BirdLife International, Wildlife Conservation Society and WWF. Together we protect and restore forests all over the world – for the benefit of people, nature and the climate.

Invest in the world's forests

Uniting local projects within a global force

We joined forces to urgently speed up and scale up the positive power of forests. Together, we are committed to protect and restore one trillion trees, for the benefit of people, nature and a stable climate.

WWF Tanzania

Why forests?

We are facing three of the biggest global emergencies in the history of the human race. Forests sequester more carbon, regulate the climate, sustain biodiversity and provide food and livelihoods for millions. We need impact at scale and fast - forests are our greatest hope.

Climate stabilisation

Nature strongholds

Economic opportunity

Latest news and research on forest impact

WWF Tanzania

Projects for scale & impact

The Trillion Trees partners focus on three imperatives that have been determined to have the highest impact on increasing global forest cover:

  1. Protecting standing forests
  2. Ending the causes of deforestation
  3. Restoring forests