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Growing trees, restoring forests

The Trillion Trees ReForest Fund returns the right trees to the right places. We are restoring forests at crucial sites across the world, growing trees and promoting natural regrowth. We select the approach based on the surrounding ecosystem and needs of the local people in and around the forests.

All of our restoration projects are where our partners have long-term conservation programmes, and involve local communities every step of the way.


ReForest Fund

By contributing to our ReForest Fund you can be sure that the trees you plant will have a positive and lasting impact on people, nature and the climate. Whether you donate to restore 1 tree or 10,000, your support will ensure forests thrive into the future.

Your support will be helping to

  • Restore 200,000 hectares of degraded forest in 40 countries
  • Support the livelihoods of hundreds of people from local communities
  • Protect threatened species, like the endangered Bengal tiger, eastern chimpanzee, white crowned hornbill and Goodfellow’s tree kangaroo

We welcome support of companies and individuals at all levels. 

  • £3 could plant or restore one tree – and ensure it is looked after and able to grow into the future.
  • £100 could help enable a farmer to create a small woodlot to supply needed firewood and reduce pressure on threatened forest.
  • £3,000 could help to re-establish an entire hectare of rainforest.
  • £30,000 could help to plant 10,000 trees – which will be able to grow into a diverse and protected forest.

The projects chosen receive direct support to expand their efforts on the ground and increase their scale of ambition: planting more trees, and restoring more forest.

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Turning pledges into action

Launched in 2020, we made our first ReForest grants in early 2021 and publish update reports every six months. Read our latest report here.

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People first

Our projects are community-led and supported. We work to restore natural forests, while providing critical resources for the people who depend on them. Everything from sustainable agroforestry, to community woodlots to reduce pressure on natural forest, to new opportunities like ecotourism. Forests that work for people, and nature.

Hear from people on the ground:

Fabiana is working with the Mby’a Guarani to produce Fairtrade, shade-grown tea

Felix is restoring Madagascar to its former ‘Green Island’ glory

Milka is weaving a women-led forest legacy

Nietiwe’s spice cooperative is bringing back forest

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Growing forests

Planting a tree is not the only way to speed up and scale up the power of forests.

Trees are part of a larger ecosystem that we have to carefully manage to make sure the trees we plant grow into the wildlife habitats and livelihood sources so desperately needed.

Our projects focus on recovering and regrowing natural forests, but we take a landscape approach, using a wide range of methods, and looking for opportunities to provide livelihoods improvements  and address the underlying drivers of deforestation. This ensures our efforts make a lasting contribution to reducing carbon in the atmosphere and preserving critical biodiversity.

Two Silky Sifaka lemurs in a tree©WCS/Felix Ratelolahy

Spotlight: Makira, Madagascar

16,000 hectares of unique biodiverse rainforest and rare lemur habitat being saved/regrown with local community groups

SAVE Brasil

Spotlight: Atlantic Forest, Brazil

Restoring wildlife corridors on South America’s badly deforested east coast.