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Why Trillion Trees

With your support, we can continue to protect and restore the world’s forests, based on science and proven impact.

We are working together to speed up and scale up the positive power of forests for people, nature and the climate.

A powerful united force for forests

Since 2016, Trillion Trees has brought together the power of three of the world’s largest conservation organizations – BirdLife International, Wildlife Conservation Society and WWF. We combine decades of experience and measurable success to test and evolve innovative models for forest conservation. Together we have the power to influence international policy and mobilise our implementation network in over 60 countries.

Science-led for lasting impact

We focus efforts on quality interventions in high-impact areas that do actually move the needle. We consider the wider context and delicate balance between people, nature and climate to find solutions for forests that work for all and in the long term.


We measure our impact

We hold ourselves accountable for our actions. Projects are closely monitored to stay on track and ensure money is going to where it matters most.

Trillion Trees Overview

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