Trillion Trees Impact Report 2021

Forests are one of the best ways to save our planet. Here's what Trillion Trees has been doing to make that happen

Since 2016 Trillion Trees has helped support the protection and restoration of:

  • 83.2m

    hectares of forest

  • 38.6bn


What's next

In just these regions where we work, there is the potential to restore and recover 873 million hectares of degraded forest landscapes and work with local communities to address the underlying issues of deforestation.

This is a huge opportunity, and one way Trillion Trees can make a tangible impact, moving towards a world where people and nature thrive together.

With the support of our donors and partners, Trillion Trees is leading the way to show how good quality conservation and restoration, with long-term monitoring and assessment, can be done.

But so much more is needed. Time is running out. The climate emergency is upon us. Only if we succeed in turning pledges into action do we have the chance of winning the fight for our world.

Hear from our Executive Director, John Lotspeich

Our five year targets

Five Year Targets

Trillion Trees partners work in forest landscapes in over 60 countries globally. The joint venture focuses on areas where forests are most threatened and where remaining intact forests require protection. This is where there are the greatest risks resulting from deforestation and degradation, but also the greatest gains to be made for people, nature and climate.

Trillion Trees has committed to ambitious targets over the next few years, working towards achieving a stable climate where people and nature thrive together.

Meeting these aims will require the support of and strong partnerships with governments, financial institutions, companies, civil society partners and, most importantly, the communities living in and around forest landscapes. We know that considering the needs of people first and including their participation is key to successful conservation and addressing drivers behind deforestation.

Over the next five years, Trillion Trees aims to achieve:

Over the next five years, Trillion Trees aims to achieve:


Reduction of deforestation in landascapes where we work

Working in partnership we can deliver these ambitions and aim to see at least a 50% reduction of deforestation in landscapes where we work, contributing towards meeting international commitments, such as the Glasgow Leaders’ Declaration on Forests and Land Use.

Progress against our targets

Investing in Trillion Trees landscapes protects forests, mobilises quality restoration and helps us address the drivers of deforestation. In partnership with local communities we work every day to increase the forest cover on the planet.

Forests are not the only solution, but the climate won’t recover without them.

We need the political will and the finance to back it up.