What is quality forest restoration and how do we achieve it?

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We joined forces with the World Economic Forum’s 1t.org initiative to help explain why forests are important, what we need to do to protect them and why forest restoration needs to be done properly and with care.

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Trillion Trees and 1t.org have forged a unique partnership to address common challenges in the global conversations around quality forest conservation, restoration, and monitoring.

As leaders in the global trillion trees movement, our aim in working together is to help ensure that restoration efforts around the world get the right trees into the right places, advocating for restoration projects to adhere to the global principles of Forest Landscape Restoration (FLR).

Putting these principles at the centre of our work together will help deliver the goals of the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration, in a way that will support those many actors striving to deliver their climate and conservation pledges with rigour, transparency and accountability.

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