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Here’s how you can support the Trillion Trees Vision.

The Trillion Trees Vision is not only big and bold, but necessary. The task ahead may seem daunting, but there are many ways each of us help progress towards the trillion. 

With your help and support, we can live in a world where nature and people thrive.



It's easy to contribute directly to Trillion Trees and be part of the vision. All funding received will be used by the Trillion Trees partners to end deforestation, better protect forests and advance restoration around the world.

Whether through investing in our landscape ventures or pushing for better corporate and finance practices, we're driving positive change for forests, the climate and people, and so can you.  

If you want to contribute larger amounts or in a different way, get in touch with our team using the contact form at the bottom of this page. We are happy to discuss how we can tailor and link your contribution to the right landscape or programme.


The Trillion Trees Vision is only achievable through concerted action by all sectors of society. 

It means doing what must be done to stop climate change, whilst also maintaining our planet’s other vital support systems, including biodiversity, and supporting sustainable development for local people. It requires commitment and action from governments, businesses, non-governmental organisations, communities and individuals all across the world.

Think big and be part of the global effort.

Individuals must act.

  • Learn about the environmental impacts of the products you use, and how you can make better choices by selecting products and brands that commit to responsible, deforestation-free sourcing.

  • Support community and political leaders who advocate for better protection for forests in your own country, as well as policies to save forests around the world.

  • Plant trees in your own community, and donate to forest conservation and restoration projects that help protect forests worldwide. You can help us ensure the right trees are restored in the right places by donating to the ReForest Fund

Companies and financial institutions must act.

  • Understand how forests are impacted through your business model, supply chains, lending and investments, and work to reduce and eliminate negative impacts, and proactively support positive impacts for forests. 

  • Join and support initiatives within your sector to develop and standardise better practices, including to achieve zero-deforestation associated with your operations and in critical landscapes for conservation.

  • Invest in or contribute to forest conservation and restoration initiatives beyond your immediate supply chain and operations, to secure the sustainable landscapes we need.

Policy makers must act.

  • Turn your government’s commitments on climate, biodiversity and forests into reality. That’s likely to require working with partners and looking for new ways to secure the resources we need to protect, restore and maintain forests.

  • Learn more about how forests represent a truly cost-effective solution for tackling climate change and achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, and support policies that incentivise forest conservation and restoration. 

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Achieving the Trillion Trees Vision depends on all of us working individually and together. We look forward to hearing from you!