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Restoring forests for nature and people

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The Trillion Trees ReForest Fund returns the right trees to the right places. Whether you donate to restore one tree or ten thousand, your support will ensure forests thrive in the future.

A quarter of all tropical forests – about 500 million hectares – has been lost since 1950. That's 20 times the size of the UK. This loss has been driven by unsustainable demand for commodities such as timber, wood pulp, palm oil, soy, beef, rubber, cocoa, metals and oil. The health of forests that are still standing is further degraded by burning, fragmentation, and loss of ecologically critical species of wildlife.  

We are fighting back! The Trillion Trees ReForest Fund is directly restoring forest at crucial sites. By donating to the ReForest Fund, you are supporting these projects. 

We welcome the support of companies and individuals. With your support:

  • £3 could plant or restore one tree (and ensure it is looked after and able to grow into the future).
  • £100 could help enable a farmer to create a small woodlot to supply needed firewood and reduce pressure on threatened forest.
  • £3,000 could help to re-establish an entire hectare of rainforest.
  • £30,000 could help to plant 10,000 trees (which will be able to grow into a diverse and protected forest).

For other support options, please get in touch using the contact form below.

We ensure that your donation will not only fund tree planting, but deliver protective management, biodiversity recovery and community support too.

The projects chosen receive direct support to expand their efforts on the ground and increase their scale of ambition: planting more trees, and restoring more forest. Throughout 2020, additional projects will be added as the ReForest Fund grows and develops, with your help. 

How we work: Forest Landscape Restoration

We insist on the “right trees in the right places” and our projects pursue a range of approaches to achieve success. Forest Landscape Restoration (FLR) is a collection of approaches that aims to reduce and reverse land degradation in order to restore ecological integrity and enhance human well-being (IISD, 2002). FLR complements forest conservation efforts by promoting natural forest regeneration, seed and tree planting, the re-establishment of trees in agricultural landscapes through agroforestry, farm/community woodlots and, crucially, including reforest projects that help to provide benefits and economic value for local communities. 

Bending the climate curve, nature's way

Meeting the Paris agreement requires dramatic reductions in greenhouse gas emissions - reducing the use of fossil fuels and decarbonising transport and industry. But it also requires the removal of CO2 from the atmosphere. Trees and forests offer one of the most cost-effective solutions for removal and storage of carbon. Taken together, the conservation of intact forests, ending deforestation and a massive effort to restore trees and natural ecosystems can provide about one third of the solution to climate change. It is essential that we change our behaviours and seek routes including Nature-Based Solutions to achieve “net zero”! 

By reversing degradation, forest landscape restoration can bring back the productivity of the land and its capacity to sustain rural livelihoods and abundant wildlife. More trees in the landscape can also help communities to adapt to a changing climate - such as providing shade or helping with water storage. 

The special report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) suggests that an increase of 1 billion hectares of forest will be necessary to limit global warming to 1.5°C by 2050. But land is not always readily available. Land-use change requires the full consent of local land users, and human pressure on land is always growing. Delivering restoration in practice requires patient negotiation with local land users, and usually involves a mixture of approaches - those that deliver livelihood improvements to local people and help them adapt to a changing climate, as well as those that put back biodiversity. 

The Trillion Trees solution

We are seeding change with support for forests in landscapes around the world where we have a long-term presence. At each place, we have built trusting relationships with local communities and work with them develop appropriate solutions for all stakeholders. 

These initiatives contribute to our vision of one trillion trees protected and restored by 2050. This means a world where forests are expanding, not shrinking, where we are delivering nature's solution to the climate crisis, and restoring biodiversity on which all life depends.

For more information about the ReForest Fund and for more sponsorship options, please get in touch: