The Vision

Borneo rain forest - Trillion Trees
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The Trillion Trees Vision
One trillion trees re-grown, saved from loss and better protected around the world by 2050.
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One trillion trees have been re-grown, saved from loss, and better protected around the world by 2050, thanks to determined and collective action by all sectors of society.


We connect funders with forest conservation ventures, and inspire the world to protect and restore one trillion trees by 2050.

Trillion Trees is an unprecedented joint venture between three of the world's largest conservation organisations - BirdLife International, Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) and WWF - to end deforestation and restore tree cover. We want a world with large, healthy forests and thriving communities. We joined because of a shared vision, and belief that working together we can achieve more than we can individually. We want all three trillion trees standing, to stay that way. But we also have to bring some of our forests back.

Forests are invaluable

They’re home to well over half the species that live on land, and the global carbon cycle depends on them. Millions of people call the forests home, and they support over a billion people’s livelihoods. But we’re still losing them at an alarming rate. 

We know that we need to reverse this trend

This is not news. Deforestation and forest restoration is firmly on the global political agenda, cemented with initiatives like the New York Declaration on Forests, the Sustainable Development Goals, the Bonn Challenge and the Paris Agreement. There’s been a wave of corporate commitments to end deforestation, and there’s more public and private finance available than ever before. 

Something isn’t working

The goals and the finance currently on the table are not having the impact they should. Companies are struggling to deliver on their pledges. Funders are not finding the right investments, and frontline programmes are finding it difficult to secure funding. Forest positive investments are still heavily outweighed by negative ones.

A new blueprint

Trillion Trees is a joint venture of BirdLife International, WCS and WWF to help close this implementation gap. With our combined experience and the dedicated, agile team we’ve created, we can make practical progress and inspire the world to protect and restore a trillion trees by 2050. We act as a connector between investment and initiatives sourced through our extensive networks. 

Why a trillion trees?

There were once six trillion trees on the planet, now there are only three trillion and we’re still losing ten billion trees per year. That leads to a changing climate, a shrinking habitat for wildlife, and harder lives for billions of people. The scale of the problem calls for radical action. 

One trillion trees protected and restored can reverse these trends and create a world where forests are expanding, not shrinking. This is essential to delivering on the Paris Agreement to avoid dangerous climate change, to restoring nature and the biodiversity we depend on and to securing a prosperous future for us all.  

Why us?

BirdLife International, WCS and WWF are three of the world’s largest conservation organisations and have a presence in over 100 countries. Together, we have a huge reach, resources and decades of experience and expertise in tackling deforestation and restoring forests. Our partnership is founded on our commitment to a shared vision and gives us a platform to be more persuasive and powerful than we could individually. 

The future is green

We have the opportunity to create an alternative future for the world’s forests. Think big, stretch your ambition and work with us.