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How we'll make it happen
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How we’ll make it happen

We have three strands of work to reverse deforestation and reach the Trillion Trees Vision:

  • Ending deforestation
    • Accelerating local innovation and promoting systemic change to keep forests standing
  • Improving protection
    • Securing resources and shaping incentives to ensure protected and conserved forests thrive and expand into the future
  • Advancing restoration
    • Enabling people and programmes to return the right trees to the right places

In many areas, a combination of these three strands is needed to ensure healthy and resilient landscapes that support people and nature. Each strand also involves a number of different approaches, tailored to the needs and realities of each landscape we work in.

One Trillion Trees by 2050 infographic

Whether through our work on the ground with landscape ventures, or through working to inspire sectoral change, the work of BirdLife, WCS and WWF is focused on delivering solutions through Trillion Trees. Of course, it is not possible to do this by ourselves.

We work with others, and recognise the good work already done by many. Together we need to inspire the world to change: initiating new projects, supporting existing ones and bringing the right funding to the right action for the right tree in the right place. We will share our learning and produce new research to help solve implementation challenges.