ReForest Fund Update - Summer 2024

The Trillion Trees ReForest Fund supports forest restoration across a portfolio of sites, bringing back vital wildlife habitat and collaborating with local communities to reverse landscape degradation and restore forests.

Now, more than ever, it is imperative to protect and restore our planet. Forests are among our greatest allies, playing a pivotal role in combating climate change and biodiversity loss.

Our initiatives are dedicated to the restoration and regeneration of natural forests. By adopting a landscape approach and employing a diverse array of methods, we collaborate with communities to enhance livelihoods and tackle the root causes of deforestation. This holistic strategy ensures that our efforts not only transform lives but also make a lasting impact on reducing atmospheric carbon and preserving vital biodiversity.

With your support, over 376,000 trees across 13 projects are being restored, including new initiatives in various countries.

Trillion Trees has projects worldwide in critically important landscapes that need support to enable the recovery of vital ecosystems, and re-create habitats for endangered species. For example, we are restoring Tanzania's Ruvuma Landscape to benefit local students and conserve habitats; supporting agroforestry in the Usambara Mountains, engaging farmers and students; and restoring the Bisil Ku forests of Papua New Guinea, enhancing habitat for birds-of-paradise and providing socio-economic benefits.

Whether you donate to restore 1 tree or 10,000, your support ensures forests thrive into the future.

Restoring Key Biodiversity Areas in Bolivia

Planting 320,000+ native tree seedlings across 140 hectares in Tunari National Park benefits local communities and endangered species.

Community members planting seedlings along the southern the slopes of Tunari National Park © Asociacion Armonia

Agroforestry innovations in Brazil's Atlantic Forest initiative

Collaborative efforts with local landowners are helping restore a threatened forest with rich biodiversity, through agroforestry techniques.

Red-headed manakin, Atlantic Forest, Brazil © Ciro Albano, SAVE Basil

Ecosystem revitalisation in Indonesia's Mbelliling landscape for enhanced biodiversity

Restoring habitats in the Mbeliling Landscape enhances water supply and supports biodiversity.

Members of the "Saku Maju" Group preparing the nursery and seed growing media © Burung Indonesia

Rehabilitation in Nam Et Phou Louey National Park, Loas

The prospective restoration of 32 hectares of degraded land in Nam Et Phou Louey National Park benefits 70 local families and a Guardian Village.

Nam Et Phou Louey landscape © WCS Laos

Integrating Indigenous knowledge for ecological restoration in Mexico's Jovel Valley Basin

Restoring the Jovel Valley Basin in Mexico, enhancing habitat for endemic species and utilizing indigenous knowledge for native tree propagation.

Altos de Chiapas landscape, Mexico © Luz Rodriguez

Large-scale restoration efforts in Tanzania's Ruvuma Landscape

Restoring 114 hectares in the Ruvuma Landscape benefits local students and conserves critical habitats.

Students of a local primary school celebrating holding tree saplings © WWF Tanzania

Usambaras Uplift: Agroforestry and community engagement in Tanzania's mountains

Engage local communities in supporting natural forest regeneration through the sustainable management of community forests to generate more sustainable sources for fuelwood and livelihoods. 

Transporting saplings to restoration site ©Friends of Usambaras

Community-led restoration of natural forest in Papua New Guinea

Restoring the Bisil Ku forests in Papua New Guinea, enhancing habitat for endangered species and providing socio-economic benefits.

Goodfellows Tree Kangaroo © David Lochlin

03 July 2024

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