One trillion trees re-grown, saved from loss and better protected around the world by 2050.

The Trillion Trees Vision

© Ferry R Tan / Picfair
© Ferry R Tan / Picfair


We connect funders with forest conservation ventures, and inspire society to protect and restore one trillion trees by 2050

It's a big goal. But it's achievable and necessary.

Trillion Trees is a joint venture between BirdLife International, Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS), and WWF, founded on a vision of a world where tree cover is expanding not shrinking. 

We focus on three imperatives: ending deforestation, improving protection, and advancing restoration. 

By working together, we are leveraging our large networks and decades of experience towards a common goal. To close the gap between aspirational commitments and the reality on the ground, our dedicated team develops ideas into opportunities and connects them to funders. Our ventures are protecting and restoring forests for the benefit of people, wildlife and a stable climate, and inspiring sectoral change.

We can live in a world with a climate where nature and people thrive.

Reversing global deforestation: the right trees in the right places



Bridging the Gap
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Landscape Ventures
From Vision To Reality
Local Initiatives
Local Initiatives
Action and Evidence to Inspire
Sectoral Change
Sectoral Change


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Joint action with Daily Mirror
Mirror's Million Trees Campaign
Aerial view of the Interior Valley and small, eroded tepuyes, north of the Cuñaré and San Jorge Rivers in the Chiribiquete National Park, Colombian Amazon from Guiana Shield in Colombia.
Big win in Colombia

A dedicated Trillion Trees team leverages the expertise of three of the world's largest conservation organisations in fighting deforestation and restoring forests

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