Trillion Trees Forest Update - June 2021

Seed preparation - Makira
Trillion Trees Forest Update
June 2021 - Regeneration, planting and Covid response
WCS/Seed preparation for planting in Makira

After an inspiring World Environment Day (5 June), which officially launched the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration, and our recent focus on reasons for hope, we can’t resist talking about two of our amazing restoration projects.

We’re also sharing news about what else has been happening with Trillion Trees Partners this year; our research study showing that forests can and do regrow if we let them; and a special story on how partner efforts aren’t just about protecting nature, but also about ensuring that the communities in the landscapes we work in are supported.

Download the full Forest Update and learn more about what our partners achieved.

  • Restoring Madagascar's magnificent Makira forest
    One of our ReForest Fund projects, work in Makira is providing sustainable livelihoods while restoring habitat for Madagascar's astounding endemic biodiversity.
  • The perfect firestorm - Emergency Covid-19 response in Mesoamerica's Five Great Forests 
    In 2020, Trillion Trees partner WCS worked to secure emergency aid for people around Guatemala's Maya Biosphere Reserve, the Moskitia Forest of Honduras and Nicaragua, and Nicaragua's Indio Maiz Forest, who faced ravaging forest fires alongside Covid-19. 
  • Tree planting champions in Tanzania
    Partnering with Ecosia, the search engine that plants trees, WCS Tanzania exceeded their goal of raising 520,000 seedlings. 
  • Welcoming new partners to the Forest Accelerator
    The Forest Landscape Sustainability Accelerator, run by BirdLife International, invests in the teams behind bold forest landscape programmes, and in 2021 welcomed five new partners. This brings the Accelerator cohort up to 15. 
  • Not all bad news: forests can and do regrow if we let them
    Trillion Trees led a study to map where forests are growing back naturally across the globe. The study was designed to help inform forest restoration plans worldwide, giving a picture of the areas where focusing restoration efforts could be most beneficial.
    Check out our storymap detailing the results and how you can help improve the map.