Trillion Trees named a Keeling Curve Prize Finalist

The Global Warming Mitigation Project Announces 2023 Keeling Curve Prize Finalists

A panel of experts selected 20 climate solutions projects

21 April 2023 - As part of its continued commitment to activating and accelerating climate solutions around the world, the Global Warming Mitigation Project has named 20 finalists for its annual Keeling Curve Prize.

The Keeling Curve Prize recognizes projects and programs from around the globe spanning five categories that are effectively reducing, removing, or replacing greenhouse gas emissions from the atmosphere. ​Applicants undergo a rigorous screening process conducted by a team of climate experts. Every year, 20 are selected as finalists and 10 win the prize of $50,000 each.

“This year we received nearly 300 high-quality applications. Around 65% were from organizations based in North America or Europe, but we also received applications from Sub-Saharan Africa, Asia, and South America. Kenya was the country with the highest application count other than the U.S.” - Aven Satre-Meloy, Analyst

This year's finalists are recognized for innovations such as regenerative agriculture products using fly larvae, clean cooking technology, ocean alkalinity enhancements, and more.


Reeddi - Energy capsule for clean, affordable, reliable electrification in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Build Up Nepal Engineering - Eco-friendly brick manufacturing and local economic development.

Agrotech Plus - Cold storage powered by renewables for rural smallholder farms.

Burn Manufacturing Co - Clean, electric cookstoves for grid-connected households in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Transport & Mobility:

Itselectric - Single point EV charging post for urban environments.

C40 - Zero-Emission Bus Rapid-deployment Accelerator (ZEBRA).

Auto-Truck EA Limited - E-mobility startup developing 2 & 3 wheelers and charging/service infrastructure.

Kiri EV Ltd - Electric motorcycle and charging infrastructure for delivery/taxi businesses.

Carbon Sinks:

Trillion Trees - ReForest Fund supporting forest restoration around the world.

Regen Organics - Manufacturer of regenerative agriculture products using Black Soldier Fly Larvae.

Vesta - Coastal carbon capture using the natural mineral olivine for ocean alkalinity enhancement.

Ebb Carbon - Climate and ocean health restoration company commercializing an electrochemical ocean alkalinity enhancement approach.

Finance: Research Group - Non-profit research org working to halt expansion of oil and gas drilling by securing Amazon Exclusion Policies from major global banks.

Cogo - Fintech company developing consumer financial products to measure, reduce and offset personal carbon footprints.

Vita - INGO developing novel, community-led approaches to deliver safe water access and clean cooking technology.

The Outdoor Outfit Policy - Non-profit developing a global initiative to assess the climate impacts of companies' cash and investment portfolios.

Social & Cultural Pathways:

Health in Harmony - Non-profit working alongside indigenous communities to regenerate livelihoods and protect rainforests.

Waste Warriors Society - Non-profit working with gov agencies and communities to address municipal waste problems.

DearTomorrow - Climate storytelling project that maintains a digital collection of 3,000+ climate stories from more than 50 countries.

Institute for Sustainable Communities - International NGO developing a tool to inform municipal strategies around decarbonization.

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The Global Warming Mitigation Project is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that activates and accelerates climate solutions projects and programs around the world that reduce, remove, or replace greenhouse gas emissions by providing the capital, resources, and visibility needed to scale.

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