Sectoral Change

cocoa beans
Sectoral Change
Going beyond zero deforestation requires more than effective local or regional projects.

Certain commodities are having a devastating effect on the world's tropical forests, but need to be tackled through their entire supply chains.

There are a lot of efforts already underway to tackle deforestation linked to the biggest culprits – soy, beef, and palm oil for example – and our organizations are already contributing to these. Therefore, together we’re focusing on others that so far have received less attention, such as cocoa and rubber.

On the forefront of forest conservation innovation, our Trillion Trees Landscape Ventures are showing what is possible in terms of sustainable production, and our work at the global level links these models to the companies, sector platforms, and government policies that can mainstream best practice. 

Trillion Trees provides a platform through which our organisations can have a stronger, more persuasive voice together than we would individually. See below for more information on how we are influencing key sectors and supply chains to reach the Trillion Trees Vision.