Saving a key water supply in Kenya: Restoring trees for biodiversity and people

Mount Kenya
Mount Kenya
Saving a key water supply in Kenya: Restoring trees for biodiversity and people

Help us restore a biodiversity hotspot that is globally recognized as an Important Bird Area (IBA), Key Biodiversity Area (KBA), and a World Heritage site

We're restoring trees and reversing degradation that threatens rich biodiversity and livelihoods.
By bringing together diverse stakeholders to restore these forests, we can save a vital water tower and ensure that nature and people can thrive.
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We've identified 6,200 hectares in need of urgent restoration, and an additional 1,740 hectares of wrongly-sited plantation that need to be converted to indigenous forest.

The degradation of Mount Kenya Forest is a major threat to the survival of the rich biodiversity heritage in the Mount Kenya ecosystem and in the larger Ewaso Nyiro and Tana River Basins. 

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The restoration initiative is being supported by diverse local stakeholders, who are mobilizing resources towards raising the $15 million needed.

In Mount Kenya, Nature Kenya has catalyzed the development of a restoration strategy which targets sites inside and buffer areas outside the forest. This work was informed by an Ecosystem Services Assessment, which looked at issues of carbon, water, culture, recreation, harvestable goods and cultivated goods services provided by the forest. The assessment was an initial step towards the quantification of services from the forest. These sites are under the jurisdiction of the Kenya Forest Service (KFS) and Community Forest Associations (CFAs). The work undertaken by Nature Kenya (BirdLife in Kenya) demonstrates best practice and provides a pilot for scaling up to the total goal. Mount Kenya is constantly under threat from farming and grazing, logging, and even some negative impacts from tourism. 

Scale of opportunity
55 hectares restored over 3 years, with further hope to restore all 6,200 hectares within the reserve that is in urgent need of restoration
Trees target
Restoration of at least 800 trees per hectare at maturity, totalling 44,000 trees restored
Flagship biodiversity
Rich montane bird diversity, and at least 15 species of endemic flora and fauna
Community contribution
Nature Kenya is convening stakeholders to raise funds and plant locally sourced trees to restore forests in Mount Kenya